• Instructor performance was excellent with great course contents

    — Mr. Gough
    [compTIA Net+ Student]
  • Just wanted to report that i passed my PMP exam today. Although i am currently on the job market due to an end of contract, i am very excited. Just wanted to say thank you for the great class!

    — Ms. Feresu
    [PMP Student]
  • Thanks again for the great class. It was very informative.

    — Mr. Mills
    [PMP Student]
  • Instructor was very friendly, punctual, hardworking. I did not find any weakness.

    — Mr. Baig
    [compTIA Net+ Student]
  • Excellent Teacher with Excellent overall effectiveness
    — Mr. Badr
    [SSGB Certified]
  • It was an excellent class, all reading material was covered and I enjoyed taking this course at HAADI.

    — Mr. Azhar
    [PMP Student]
  • Mr. Naqvi is a very good instructor and have knowledge of ITIL area

    — Mr. Razzaq
    [ITIL V3 Foundation Certified]
  • Extremelly pleased with the learning experience, the facility and the instructor. Excellent work!

    — Ms. Mihaylova
    [ITIL V3 Foundation Certified]
  • I would like to commend you on your excellent customer service . Not only did you teach the material well, you scheduled the exam and you are even following up on how we did! Thank-you

    — Mr. Tarapacky
    [ITIL V3 Foundation Certified]
  • I took the exam and I passed. Thanks for all your help.

    — Mr. Yu
    [ITIL V3 Foundation Certified]
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