• Mr. Aizad provided very good explanations and overall effectiveness was Excellent. I passed !

    — Mr. Shanmvganthan
    [SSGB Certified]
  • Instructor is calm and has practical experience. He was well prepared for the class and simulated my interest in the material.

    — Mr. Annamunthodo
    [ITIL V3 Foundation Certified]
  • Instructor was very knowledgeable and experienced. He was well organized and prepared for the class and stimulated my interest in the course material.

    — Mr. Burhari
    [Cognos Student]
  • Just letting you guys know that I've passed the ITIL v3 Foundation exam on June 15 & got 87% marks. Thank you for ITIL training & guidance.

    — Mr. Shafiq
    [ITIL V3 Foundation Certified]
  • This is to inform you that I passed exam with monochrome colors... scored **%. Thank you for the training and tips that helped!

    — Mr. Akbari
    [ITIL V3 Foundation Certified]
  • I'm happy to report that I scored **% on the exam :) Thanks for your guidance! I found your class and teaching style to be very enjoyable as well as Effective...Efficient...and Consistent :) Looking forward to attending more of the classes offered by Haadi in the future.

    — Ms. Ruban
    [ITIL V3 Foundation Certified]
  • Excellent Teacher with Excellent overall effectiveness
    — Mr. Badr
    [SSGB Certified]
  • Course was very well done and easy to understand with excellent effectiveness.

    — Mr. Zammit
    [compTIA Net+ Student]
  • I got 87% in the exam. Thanks for the ITIL training. It was a great experience for learning the concepts of ITIL with a real life example from you.

    — Mr. Bajwa
    [ITIL V3 Foundation Certified]
  • He was a great teacher. Knowledge & spoke clearly. He makes example through to life experience. It was great. Will comeback tp look for taking another course

    — Mr. Miranda
    [ITIL V3 Foundation Certified]
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