• Excellent Teacher with Excellent overall effectiveness
    — Mr. Badr
    [SSGB Certified]
  • Good knowledge of material, too many off topic discussions. Very effective with comprehensive contents and good exam prep.

    — Mr. Thakoordyal
    [PMP Student]
  • Very versatile in information technology with tricks to understanding & answering exam questions

    — Mr. Asomaning
    [PMP Student]
  • He had good knowledge and was very well prepared for the class.

    — Mr. Syed
    [SSGB Certified]
  • Instructor's strengths were Time Management, politeness and patience.

    — Mr. Singh
    [ITIL V3 Foundation Certified]
  • Mr. Naqvi is a very good instructor and have knowledge of ITIL area

    — Mr. Razzaq
    [ITIL V3 Foundation Certified]
  • Mr. Rizvi is great communicator and course was very well structured

    — Ms. Feresu
    [MS Project]
  • Course contents were significant and instructors understanding of the course was good
    — Mr. Alam
    [SSGB Certified]
  • He was a great teacher. Knowledge & spoke clearly. He makes example through to life experience. It was great. Will comeback tp look for taking another course

    — Mr. Miranda
    [ITIL V3 Foundation Certified]
  • Instructor is calm and has practical experience. He was well prepared for the class and simulated my interest in the material.

    — Mr. Annamunthodo
    [ITIL V3 Foundation Certified]
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