• Instructor was very friendly, organized, professional and humble. His effectiveness was Excellent

    — Mr. Ahmad
    [MS Access]
  • He had good knowledge and was very well prepared for the class.

    — Mr. Syed
    [SSGB Certified]
  • I would like to commend you on your excellent customer service . Not only did you teach the material well, you scheduled the exam and you are even following up on how we did! Thank-you

    — Mr. Tarapacky
    [ITIL V3 Foundation Certified]
  • Thanks again for the great class. It was very informative.

    — Mr. Mills
    [PMP Student]
  • Mr. Aizad provided very good explanations and overall effectiveness was Excellent. I passed !

    — Mr. Shanmvganthan
    [SSGB Certified]
  • I just wanted to let you know that I passed my PMP exam yesterday!

    — Ms. Fulcher
    [PMP Student]
  • I passed the test. Didnt get a great score though, got 77. I went thru the test in 15 mins, maybe thats why. But anyways, thanks a lot for the training and guidance.
    Looking forward to working with you in the future.

    — Mr. Nallaswami
    [ITIL V3 Foundation Certified]
  • He knows what he is talking. Excellent overall effectiveness
    — Mr. Khan
    [SSGB Certified]
  • Instructor has core competency in the subject matter. Course content was excellent.

    — Mr. Rizvi
    [PMP Student]
  • I got 87% in the exam. Thanks for the ITIL training. It was a great experience for learning the concepts of ITIL with a real life example from you.

    — Mr. Bajwa
    [ITIL V3 Foundation Certified]
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